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It is a popular summer fruit because it has a sweet, but also somewhat sour taste that lends itself well to being eaten on its own or together with other foods, including savory ones. It is a source of iron and vitamin A, which contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.
Banana chips are a mouthwatering snack, ready to eat any time of the day and in addition to breakfast, yogurt, bars and desserts.
A favorite food for young and old, dehydrated kiwi is high in calcium, which is necessary for maintaining normal bones, and is fat-free.
Dried mango is one of the most widely used tropical fruits for making tasty extracts and juices with beneficial activity on the body.
The dehydrated fruit is an excellent calcium-source, fat-free snack that can be eaten alone or added to desserts and cakes.
Pineapple is a sweet-tasting fruit and contains few calories, making it a suitable food for low-calorie diets. This sweet and exotic dehydrated snack is fat-free.